Stellar makes use of the full potential of ECMAScript 6, so Node.js versions lower than 6 are not supported.

Release Notes

Details of releases for each version are available on GitHub in the Releases tab and in the Changelog file.


NPM is the recommended method for installing Stellar and all dependencies.

# latest stable release
$ npm install -g stellar-fw

Development Versions

To use the development version of Stellar you just have to clone the GitHub repository. The master branch contains the latest stable release of the framework; the development version is found in the dev branch.

# clones the repository and creates the stellar folder
$ git clone stellar

# enters the stellar folder and installs the dependencies
$ cd stellar && npm install

# transpiles the ES6 code from the `/src` folder to ES5 code (in the `/dist` folder)
$ npm run build

# adds a symlink in the system npm folder to the stellar command-line tool
$ npm link

Note: the npm link command may require admin permissions.